Why is Energy Divine?

My Three Worlds are Energy – the E in Albert Einstein’s formula E=MC2 – streaming to me, in all parts of me, and through me to examine, metamorphose, and transfer as a thing or an Outcome. Energy is infinite, having no beginning and no end, extending far beyond my Internal World. It makes up everything that exists. Most of it is unseen in, of, and around everything.

My good friend’s father, a very learned man and cutting–edge thinker, recognized Energy, at the most fundamental level, as the “God Stuff” or the “Let It Be” particle – part of us and everything in the Universe. It is the ultimate particle – the particle of Divine definition, underlying everything at the most basic, foundational levels of the Universe and of our physical, mental, and spiritual existence. 

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed by us or any physical thing in the Universe – only converted from one form of Energy to another, according to the Law of Conservation of Energy. Combining this law with Einstein's concept (proven correct many times since he propounded it) that everything is Energy, we realize that Energy began (in this Universe) at Creation but is everlasting. Yet, You can harness this endless Energy – the God Stuff – in your Eternal World to create your Intendage in your Internal World for Outcomes in your Xternal World. The Eternal World is your future and is pure Energy, available in Abundance at your beckoning.

You and I, creatures of pure Energy, live in a universe of pure Energy, of which THE Source is the Energy source and controller of the On/Off Switch. What we think of as “existing,” – real, or firm, like a mountain, or a person, or a tabletop – is emptiness filled with Energy. The matter of the Universe consists of those same Energy constructs – space filled with Energy. Since the Universe, You, and I consist of Energy, a great deal of the ordinary, everyday world seems, upon reflection, inconsequential and should not unsettle us. 

You can concentrate on streaming, transforming, and sharing uploaded Energy, as information. In Free Happy One, this focus and orientation is Intendage. Intendage, a Mindset, enables You to focus your intentions on what You prefer – your Visioned and intended Outcomes – and less on the conditions You are experiencing. So, your  Actions produce the effects You envisioned within your Intendage.  

We can choose how to understand, embrace, and demonstrate the Energy and power of THE Source. Energy is the potential to do work (to walk the dog, sweep the sidewalk, build, write, think, speak, achieve); power is the harnessing of Energy to do work. THE Source of all Energy (The Highest Energy Emanator), and your Receiver, are always available to You. It is up to You to access and understand THE Source's Energy in your Eternal World, Embrace your Power to create in your Internal World, and demonstrate the effect to share with others in your Xternal World. As Beings of Energy, You and I are energy communicating with Energy. And it is up to You and me to choose how we align, resonate, and harmonize with Energy in its Eternal, Internal, and Xternal manifestations.

Dimension Reference:  Triad 3, Simination 1, Dimension 7
(Example of a reference, as we discussed)

This blog contains excerpts from the book - Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint

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