What is THE Light?

Often, Enlightenment is referred to as "seeing The Light" and the source of enlightenment – your Source’s communication to You – is commonly referred to as “The Light.” THE (The Highest Energy) Light is spiritual communication, or consciousness Energy emanating from THE Mind of your Source, who is The Highest Energy Emanator(THEE). The uncovering of THE Light is a Clear Reveal for Enlightenment, a revelation of Thoughts and Possibilities that enable You to perceive Source Magnificence as Abundance for your use to overcome life’s challenges. So, first THE Light affects You, then its effect upon You enables You to affect the result. In other words, the effect of THE Light empowers You to affect the effect, in an Energy-Power-Energy upward vortex. Perceiving THE Light is, therefore, more than just Enlightenment. It is an Aha! Moment that can escalate into epiphany, which can accelerate into your own personal Vortex of Power.

In your running conversation with THE Source, your Self, and others, You consciously decide, moment–to–moment, the following:

1. Your Freedom – You choose to understand your selected content from THE Light that aligns with your Beliefs. Aligned thoughts generate your life experiences within expanding Freedom. Your alignment with THE Source brings Abundance pouring in to your I–AM, enabling You to think, create, and express within your Source–given Freedom. Physicists tell us that space itself expands as matter and Energy expand in the Universe. Similarly, your Freedom expands to accommodate your choices and experiences. Your I–Am is your Understanding of your relationship to THE Mind of Source, Embracing your relationship within the body of your Self, and Demonstrating your relationship of Oneness with the spirit of others.

2. Happiness – You choose to Embrace your Understanding of the Flow of Love–Spectrum(Love^S) Energy within THE Light for Happiness within your I–ME Relationship in yourInternal World. Resonance flows in every part of your ME as Love^S Energy, fulfilling your Self.

3. Oneness – The Clarity of your Understanding and Embracing of THE Light that You choose to Demonstrate is the harmony of Oneness, which may also benefit others. Demonstrating Oneness is your addition to Source Magnificence, as You share in your I–WE Relationship with others in your Xternal World.

The initials for what we are – Governing Parts of THE Source – are GPS, which are also the initials for Global Positioning System. The GPS in our automobiles or on our phones guide us to our intended destinations. Each of us is a Divinely–equipped GPS – his or her own guidance system, with the freedom to access, control, and ignite Divine Powers. In Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint, You will learn to direct your Source–Given GPS to navigate through your life to your intended destination.

The blog is an excerpt from the book - Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint

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