What do You want in life?

Many times, we hear others say that they want “peace of mind”. But, why settle for a peace of mind when You can have The Peace of Mind that You prefer – Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness? Those are the Choices you will encounter in life. If you do not deliberately and consciously make those choices, they will be made for you, and you will not like the “default choices” of dependency, despair, and discord. By Understanding, Embracing, and Demonstrating your Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness You are deliberately and consciously choosing to overcome dependency, despair, and discord.

Freedom: Choice Point #1

Freedom is the air of being: it is your first need, your foundation of all other needs, wants, and aspirations. If You are free, then You can draw the next breath. If You have no freedom, then You can access nothing. If You are free, then You can access all the Abundance made available for You by your Eternal Source.

Happiness: Choice Point #2

Happiness is the Choice Point that determines your View Point. View Point defines your Reality Point. So, how are You doing? How is your Happiness doing? Those questions may give You a bit of a pause, because You may have wondered what is Happiness, exactly. How, You may wonder, can You know if You have it, if You don’t know what it is? You are not alone in that wonder. “Expert” definers of “happiness” could encompass a continent or two. Along the way, they would disagree completely, arriving right back at their starting point, having never reached a conclusion. Your only path to Happiness runs through your Choice Point, which can turn on your antigravity that elevates all within You, allowing your Mind streams to run up the mountain, to the pinnacle of your Purpose.

Oneness: Choice Point #3

Have You ever felt that You were more than just the Self that You see in the mirror? That You are touched by others, but non–physically? That something that You cannot define, something that is “out there” somewhere, in the world or in the Universe, affects You? If so, then You have a lot of company in that feeling – the billions and billions of humans on planet Earth. You are not alone, and You are not crazy. You are experiencing an actual phenomenon – the phenomenon of Oneness.

Oneness is a topic that has engrossed Humanity for thousands of years. Around the world, philosophies have been created to explain, find, or grow toward Oneness. They range from the Ubuntu concept of Oneness among the Nguni Bantu peoples of Southern Africa, to the "all–unity" Godmanhood of Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev and Eastern philosophies such as Daoism and Confucianism. So, it may be a shock to learn that You are already One with all that is! You do not need to chant “Om” or adopt the lotus position to get there. You are already transcendental. You exist in the Unity of the Great House of Humanity. You are one with all others, all things, and The One Power Source that Energizes the Universe, the Source of everything. That means you are One with all that you dislike and disagree within the world, but you do not have to experience that or them. You are also One with all of the writers of nature-centered poetry. It is up to You to decide what parts of Oneness You choose to experience. Understanding, Embracing, and Demonstrating the Divineness of the complex entity known as You allows You to experience the Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness that compose Your Preferred Peace of Mind.

The blog is an excerpt from the book - Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint

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