Realizing your Three-World Existence

Our dual existence in the Internal World and External World has been widely accepted for thousands of years, while philosophers, scientists, psychologists, and sociologists have overlooked or denied the existential elephant in the middle of humanity's living room. Let us now state that elephant – the answer provided to me in my Aha! Moment:

We exist in three worlds.

My three simultaneous worlds are my Eternal, Internal, and Xternal Worlds, which encompass my reality. The X in “Xternal World” marks the spot for my Actions as a GPS – a Governing Part of THE Source. It is the center of my target for utilizing Abundance to achieve my Selected Oneness. In my Xternal World, I use Energy as information to construct either my Heaven on Earth or a sunken place of misery. In my Xternal World, I demonstrate my understanding of the Energy I receive from The Highest Energy Emanator (THEE), and my
embracing of the Who, What, and Where of my Divine Existence. My Divine Existence grantsme high–level access, control, and ignition for experiencing Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness.“Xternal” in the book Free Happy One means the part of the Universe that is not within ME, but of which I am a part, including all others and all their relationships to them Selves, to others, and to THE (The Highest Energy) Source. As such, “Xternal” is sharply distinguished from “external”, which means simply “outside”, or “the outer parts”.

I am an Eternal, Internal, and Xternal Being. We are “ternal beings” – threefold – Eternal(I–THEE Relationship), Internal (I–ME Relationship), and Xternal (I–WE Relationship) – and each one affects the other two and is affected by them. By achieving Alignment, Resonance, and Harmony within and among these three worlds, we reach balance (Divine Stasis) and understand, embrace, and demonstrate Energy to experience Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness.

Our Three Worlds of Existence transcend the dogmas of unitary and binary (Internal Only and Internal–External) concepts propounded through the millennia. The Three–World Concept enables your more complete understanding of Eternal alignment from THE Mind of Source, embracing of Internal resonance in the Body of your Self, and demonstration of Xternal harmony with the Spirit of others and other things that match your State of Attraction, often referred to as mind, body, and spirit (MBS).

The blog is an excerpt from the book - Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint

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