Ossification of Beliefs, Thoughts, and Ideas Can Create Dogma Walls

The vast entirety of humanity pours out daily oceans of new Thought, great seas of mentation, of Consciousness, on which the beliefs of all can set sail. But some become locked in behind great seawalls of dogma. The builders of dogma walls accrue power by their building. Power is the most intoxicating of drugs, so they build their walls without regard to the adverse effects upon society at large. Petrified belief by ossified (fixed in attitude) belief, brick by brick, they build them higher and higher, and with them, they confer “rightness” and “righteousness” to those trapped within: “In here, you are right, and righteous. Those beyond the wall are not. See, you are better than them!” The response from those entrapped? “All Hail the Wall Builder!” (Because those trapped inside the walls cannot perceive the walls.) 

The ossification of beliefs, thoughts, and ideas creates the raw materials for dogma walls, leading to the stultifying and decaying of society. The environment, the Universe, and the great Thought Ocean constantly move and change. If society does not move, change, and adapt, gaps are created and grow between what is and what should be. Thus, all societies need iconoclasts, the wall-crashers, the change agents. Like you.  And like me.

As iconoclasts, as the Seers of FHO -Freedom, Happiness, and Oneness- it is our duty to step outside the mainstreams of Mindfulness and into the mindstreams of the Mindland of FHO. That enables us to see and assess the weaknesses and truths of the dogma walls, and to crash through those weaknesses, saving the truths and helping those within to escape and to transform into Free Happy Ones.

This blog contains concepts from the book -

Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint, available at freehappyone.com

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