How Do You Access, Control, and Ignite Divine Intelligence?

You can access, control, and ignite the intelligence that You live–stream from THE Mind of Source to navigate the ocean of your Creator's abundant and omnipresent Energy. Because of your supreme access, if something that You desire does not exist in your Xternal World, your I–THEE Relationship equips You to envision it. Envisioning does not cause it to spring, full–blown, Poof! into existence, but Envisioning enables your creation of it by initiating the creation process governed by the Twelve Laws of Attraction which are revealed in Free Happy One: The 3, 6, 9 Blueprint. Then, You can share your creation with others, as You increase your chosen Oneness and expand your expression of the Magnificence of Source. The title, “Free Happy One” derives from Power, Flow, and Clarity, which arise from our abilities to stream, transform, and share the powers of the Divine. By understanding, embracing, and demonstrating Power, Flow, and Clarity You build the foundational coherence to live the life that You intend.


Power is the ability and authority to do, which allows us to express and achieve as Governing Parts of THE Source within our Divine Freedom. Flow means to transform and circulate the Consciousness of THE Source as Love–Spectrum Energy, endowing us with the Divinity that directs our Happiness. Power and Flow share Clarity, from the Latin “Claritas,” meaning Divine splendor, or God's Magnificence expressed through us. Power, Flow, and Clarity are the streaming, transforming, and sharing of our Freedom and Happiness for the experiencing of Oneness with Source Magnificence, with Self, and Others in that Divine Order.


This blog contains excerpts from the book -

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